Episode 80 – Below Underneath

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All good things must come to an end, and also so does August Around the World. For the last leg of this particular journey, it’s time to head to Australia!

To be fair, this is hardly the show’s first visit to this particular continent (or even its third), but this IS the first trip to Australia that is exclusively about ghost stories! Jake leads off with another Reddit find, because he truly is the worst at finding ghost story sources. Listen to the actually fairly heartwarming tale of a little girl and her perhaps not-so-imaginary friend, and find out whether ghosts die when hit by trucks.

Then, after the most chilling round of Shadowlands Roulette to date, Wyatt discusses the Monte Cristo homestead, a place where everyone and their baby gets thrown down the stairs to their death. Does this schmancy old house turned bed and breakfast live up to its reputation as Australia’s most haunted sandwich-named building? For a couple hundred dollarydoos a night, you can find out firsthand!

The month-long world tour may be ending, but never fear! There are plenty more adventures ahead. So grab some bleach, turn on a relaxing vacuum cleaner, and tune in to this week’s episode of Superduperstitious!



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“Potential Lifelong Haunting”
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