Episode 79 – Oh. Canada.


August Around the World won’t stop until August does! YOUR MOVE, AUGUST.

This installment finds the boys in Canada! But not literally. (Although, depending on how close to the release date you happen to catch this episode, Wyatt actually MIGHT be actively in Ontario, so there you go.) ANYWAY, guess what’s back? The Phantom of the Chicago! And guess what it probably still is? Birds!

Once the regional fun begins in earnest, Wyatt kicks things off all the way up in Nunavut, with a Baffin Island Inuit creation tale involving familiar lycanthropic imagery. Try to ignore the implications of a human-canine marriage long enough to follow the trail south to Quebec, where Europeans bring… tales of the very same creatures? Remember: the first rule of being a loup-garou is you do NOT talk about being a loup-garou.

Jake then heads west all the way to the Pacific, with a Vancouver ghost story that’ll scare the blankets right off of you. If you’re house sitting all alone and start to get creeped out, you’d be wise to leave the lights on — but that may not be enough. Redditors really know how to deliver, don’t they?

Keep your tuque on tight so your ears don’t get sickle sliced, and stay away from your aunt’s swimming pool — it’s all aboot the Great White North on this episode of Superduperstitious. So don’t miss it, ya hoser!




The origin of the Adlet and of the Qadlunait
The Miller and the Loup-Garou
News accounts


“The Nanny Tried to Warn Me”

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