Episode 16 – Don't Have a Cowman, Dogman


Monsters! Everyone likes those, right? Well there are two of 'em in this week's episode, and no, they're not the hosts (DO YOU SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?!).

After Jake finds yet another update tangent story thing to get bogged down by (now it's those ghoulish humanoids from Episode 10), Wyatt recounts the suspenseful and downright creepy story of the Cowman of Copalis Beach. It's utterly chilling, unless you're exactly four years old.

Next, Jake walks us through the fake background but possibly real foreground of the Michigan Dogman. Horror pranks are the best pranks, and doubly so when they're accidentally true. Stop your kid from talking to the creature outside his window, and let's all agree to just stay out of old barns, okay? It's time for another episode of Superduperstitious!



"The Cowman of Copalis Beach"
Creature sounds
Russian Sasquatch video


"The Legend '97"
Paw print photo
Gable film
Additional encounters

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