Episode 15 – Jhost Stories


Wyatt and Jake crank up the spooks once more with some tales of hauntings! Wait, didn't they get, like, abducted at the end of the last episode? It's probably fine.

Jake starts off with the first-person account of a woman whose family was plagued for years by a maybe-demon that was terrifying to behold and enraged by folks borrowing roller skates.. Then Wyatt leads an off-the-walls journey through the story that inspired the movie The Conjuring. Those unlucky Perrons chose a house where, just, EVERYBODY went to die.

Break in through the back window and watch out for Old Lady Beehive Head, it's time to return to a familiar, spooky well (and not just the one hidden in the basement) with this week's episode of Superduperstitious!



"Growing Up in a Haunted House"


Perron family haunting

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