Welcome to Superduperstitious!


We are the cohosts of Superduperstitious, a comedy podcast about the science behind the paranormal. We invite you to take a peek at our video trailer, which contains a 42-second taste of the show’s vibe; to read through the show details and our short personal bios; and to enjoy the smooth, rich audio of the sample episode excerpts available on this page. Thank you for your time!


What is Superduperstitious?

Superduperstitious is a weekly comedy show that delivers a combination of scientific/educational material with paranormal and supernatural themes. Our performances integrate storytelling, improv comedy, and considered discussion as we address the strange in all its forms from an open-minded but fundamentally skeptical approach. We strive to do this while avoiding the tired and obvious routes of simply ridiculing or dismissing these phenomena out of hand. We instead lead our listeners away from subscribing wholesale to outlandishly unfounded explanations by empowering them with some super-suave, science-y chops. We aim to demonstrate how the world’s weirdness can stay fun in the face of demystification, and show how scientific explanations are no less sensational or cool for their being grounded in provable reality. You’ll gasp and you’ll giggle, and damn if you won’t get back to your commute just burning for more content the following week.



Episodes of Superduperstitious are delivered as two primary narrative/discussion segments. In each segment, one host presents a topic or story that they have researched and prepared according to the week’s theme while the other gets the heebie-jeebies and offers up some goofs and gaffs. Both hosts then wind down the segment with some light-hearted critical discussion. Although both hosts have agreed on the theme, neither knows exactly what the other has prepared, allowing for spontaneous, organic reactions to the material.

While these segments are the foundation of the show, they are often bookended with recurring short-form bits, which include (but are not limited to) “The Phantom of the Chicago” and “Shadowlands Roulette.” Occasionally, topics are unpacked over the course of two consecutive “Superduperstitious Special Report” episodes. This structure provides an opportunity to cover topics too in-depth for a single, ~60 minute episode, while simultaneously encouraging listener loyalty.



As a genre-blending show, we believe Superduperstitious is primed to help expand and diversify any network’s comedy offerings. With a demonstrated strong appeal to audiences of shows like My Favorite Murder, The Dollop, Lore, and Bizarre States, Superduperstitious continues to draw a discerning and diverse listener base.

We still have so much we want to do with this show, and will continue to expand our content to include guest interviews (with listeners, scientists, and paranormal enthusiasts alike) and on-site adventure investigations. We hope you’ll enjoy what you see and hear, and will consider adopting Superduperstitious into your podcast rotation.


Host Bios


Wyatt Shell is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow pursuing his PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the University of New Hampshire. When it comes to episode prep, he doesn’t just do his homework — he loves it. He also has fifteen years of experience in performing arts and audio production. He draws on these skills, along with his background in improv, creative writing, and philosophy, to energize and enrich his podcast performances.


Jake Withee has a master’s of science in zoology, as well as nearly a decade of experience in audio and video production. He currently works professionally as a freelance videographer and script writer, but spends his free time recording and producing music and educational science videos. Additionally, he has over thirteen years of experience in the performing arts. This unique background allows him to — as they say — “bring it” during recordings, and to handle all post-production of the show as well.


Jake and Wyatt are close friends who are just the cutest, cheek-pinchingest sweeties a grandmother could ask for. They have steadily built their show and brand identity from the ground up as a two-man army, handling all recording, editing, production, and marketing. They have a completely realized visual and tonal brand, readily adapted to a merchandise line, and thrive on a steady diet of friendship and adventure!



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