Episode 77 – Toto Tales

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August Around the World continues, this time in Africa!

After a bit of clarification RE: the Fire Killer (namely the fact that Wyatt and Jake are not him), Wyatt takes off into the forests of the Congo River basin in search of an elusive ape. And this time, it’s not even an upright one! This is the story of how sometimes the legends really ARE true. And at the end of the journey, you find a creature that poops just SO big.

Jake heads in a different direction, with some botanical buffoonery, namely the so-called Madagascar Devil Tree. Is anyone really surprised that a bunch of white people would totally eat up a story about a tree that totally eats up people? The tale itself may be absurd, but you won’t leave empty-handed! Jake also provides some half-assed science about the world’s REAL carnivorous plants, and then fails to remember the verb “to taper”.

Get ready to meet your smash-y cousins, and don’t drink anything from any flailing plants as you tuck into this week’s episode of Superduperstitious!



Fire Killer reports


Gorilla legend
Andrew Battell
Bili ape mystery
Bili apes found
Oliver the chimpanzee


Devil Tree of Madagascar
Moar spooky tree
Sheep-eating plant