Episode 75 – Dog Sh*t

sheep-squatch square.jpg

If you thought this podcast was above exploiting the cuteness of a baby animal for attention, think again! And while you’re at it, here’s an episode all about dog-related stuff.

Exhausted new puppy parent Wyatt begins with a few accounts of the White Things of West Virginia, also known as Sheepsquatch (and also apparently sometimes called Devil Dogs, but you won’t find that out until well after the fact). Is it a bear? Is it a different, older bear? Whatever it is, it’s got some stank.

Following a definitely-not-pre-recorded segment of The Quaff, Jake treads some familiar ground on just two legs. That’s right: even more upright canine tales! Gird your car’s loins as you fumble for your keys, and when in doubt, make a break for the tree line.

This episode contains puffing and swimming, swimming and puffing, and some cuddly cameos from the too-cute Kuma, the Official Dog of Superduperstitious! Grab a suggestively-labelled beer and listen in.



Kuma video


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