Episode 6 – Four Ws for Your Trouble-U


Did you hear about the latest episode of Superduperstitious? I didn't listen to it, but I know this one guy whose cousin totally did and OH MAN. That's right — this episode is about urban legends!

This week, Jake wants to make a Decemberists reference only to totally miss the 20-minute opportunity he has to make an entirely different Decemberists reference. Instead, he discusses how one internet scary story found its way into real life.

Next, Wyatt explores an elusive yet ubiquitous bird bigger than any muppet, with all the taxonomy lessons you could ever ask for in a podcast. Get ready for some spooky spaghetti (that's what it's called, right?) and give a listen to this week's Superduperstitious!



The Rake
Game camera photo
Sleep paralysis


Thunderbird account
Haast's eagle
Moa size chart
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