Episode 13 – U.F.O.s Part I: Unbelievable, Freaky Occurrences


The boys kick off 2018 with the first half of an epic two-part investigation into the weird world of encounters with extraterrestrials! But don't expect either of them to say that word correctly on the first try.

After a foreword about the very recently declassified aerial footage released by the U.S. Department of Defense, Wyatt tells the tale of an Italian security guard whose experience was just one fire flower short of being the strangest thing to ever happen to an Italian person.

Next, Jake talks of eerie house calls from mysterious men in suits who are not as likely to say, "Oh HELL no" as you might expect. Keep your eyes to the skies, try not to step on too many cockroaches, and listen to an all-new episode of Superduperstitious!



Declassified video #1 (Gimbal)
Declassified video #2 (FLIR1)
Zanfretta case
The creature
Hypnosis video


MIB story compilation
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Nick Redfern article
The Gods Have Landed
Robot video

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